Recognised Events

Solarcar events are not a 'one size fits all'  Each one is unique, so find one right for you! 

Our Regions

Ultimately we all share one lovely planet - The Federation consists of representitives of geographic regions.

Our Philosophy

What we do

International Solarcar Federation (ISF)

The spirit of the International Solarcar Federation lives in the hearts and minds of all who have participated in solar vehicle events since 1982. This website is a place where we can visit, share, inspire and work together to affect change in a positive way.  

Get Involved

​Solarcars run on sunshine but events run on people power

International Solarcar Federation (ISF) was formed to provide support and encouragement to organizers wishing to engage the hearts and minds of those seeking a different way.  To change the paradigm of  “how fast can we go” and move on from gas guzzling motor sport to promote the notion “how far can we go”!

The first general assembly and chartering meeting was held in Beatenberg, Switzerland in 1991.  ISF is a non-profit organization managed by an Executive Board.