The Sasol Solar Challenge initiative is intended to encourage young people to achieve success in STEM subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. It helps educates young people in the principles of science, technology, engineering, innovation, teamwork and business; and promotes collaboration between students, industry and government. Students get an opportunity to practically apply the science and technology theory they’ve learnt at school or university, and South African students get a chance to test their engineering skills against some of the best solar car teams in the world.

July 2018 

10 - 12 

For many, the ultimate goal - to cross Australia on solar power!

September 2018 

21 -27 (tbc)

International Events Calendar  2018/2019.

Track event and qualifier for presigious American Solar Challenge

May 2018 

25 - 27 

July 2018 

14 - 22

The Albi Eco Race is a great weekend of electromobility conducted on an airfield in France.

Carrera Solar Atacama (CSA) is the first solar powered car competition in Latin America, and will be carried out in the driest desert in the world, with the highest levels of radiation, along an impressive geography.

Climbing 3000m from sea level to the Atacama Desert this is a seriously extreme challenge

September 2018 

21 -23

The American Solar Challenge is a competition to design, build, and drive solar-powered cars in a cross-country time/distance rally event. Teams compete over a 1,500-2,000 mile course between multiple cities across the country. The event has had over two decades of organized events in North America.

October 2019 

October 2018 

21 -27 (tbc)

The worlds only 24h endurance race for solarcars. Held on the famous Zolder racetrack in Belguim, this event provides time for presentations, displays and discussions of all things solarcar related.