Mission Statement

The Mission of the ISF is as follows:

  • to raise awareness of the imperatives of sustainable transport.

    The concept of the internal combustion engine has remained unchanged for over 100 years.  True, modern cars may have got more efficient, but the reality is that less than 1% of the power provided by the four-stroke suck, squeeze, bang, blow reciprocating engine is used for the work demanded – to move the driver from A to B.  There has to be a better ways to provide for our transport needs, and the ISF continues to provide encouragement of that quest.

  • to promote the concept of "Brain Sport"

    Building and operating a solarcar is an intellectual endeavour. ISF events are based on concepts of knowledge sharing, support and the spirit of friendly competition.

  • to promote solar-car events in all countries,

    in such a way that there shall be no discrimination against country, organisation or individual, on the basis of nationality, religion, race, sex, language or political opinion;

  • to promote common standards

    of solarcar events in the framework of the ISF philosophy;

  • to encourage not only private engagement

    and honorary participation of ISF members, but also commercial, general, public. private and governmental sponsorship for all ISF events.

Technical Inspections are important to ensure safety and fairness

Teams must qualify to compete

Qualifier Specifications are event specific and not regulated by ISF