Regulatory Principles

The over-arching concept is that ISF does not insist everyone as identical cars run to identical races to seek a champion driver.  It is not our way.   As we are design competitions in a fast moving technological space, the regulations of each event set out to describe what needs to be achieved in an environment designed to encourage innovation and lateral thinking.  

So each event is slightly different.  It is not a ‘one size fits all’ regulatory control structure.  ISF encourages adoption, adaptation and improvement of processes and procedures that have been shown to work well, and ISF event organisers pledge themselves to share these ideals.

 The public is often invited to view technical inspections.

 Only Team and ISF members are allowed in the inspection area

  • Array size and compostition

    Not more than 6 square meters.

    Some events may constrain cell types in certain classes.

  • Driver and Public Safety Concerns

    Speed limited, and part of a defined safety convoy when on public roads.

    Driver and public isolated from electrical hazard.

    Driver in seated position with encompassing roll cage.

  • Overall dimensions

    Vehicles will generally be not more along any defined axis

    length 5 meters

    width 1.8 meters

    height 1.8 meters

  • Electrical and Mechanical Adequacy

    Braking within specific parameters

    Battery, Array & Power Disconnect Switches Visible and accessible